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Overwhelmed by Life as a Lone Creative? Don’t Be.

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Running your own business is difficult. Every day you work your butt off coming up with the best print piece, app, Web design… Still, you can’t help but feel like you’re falling behind.

Behind in your knowledge of the latest technology; behind in knowing what you need to know to manage your finances, insurance policies, or long-put-off search for that next paying job.

Sure, you have friends who will listen to your work problems, but what about someone who can actually help you solve them?

Join-VMA-nowFind support, connections, discounts and insights by becoming a part of a group larger than yourself, an enormous alliance of media and marketing professionals just like you!

Matt Cooke Head of User Experience, Iron Creative

Matt Cooke
Head of User Experience, Iron Creative

Building a successful agency is about building the right relationships and VMA fits the bill.”

VMA Membership at a Glance

We’ve got you covered. Acquire new marketable skills with hands-on sessions and watch-‘em-anytime webinars; get inspired by in-depth stories on the latest cross-media campaigns; and consult experts about insurance, finance and lining up more clients.


Smart Business Tools

  • Discounts on Adobe and Apple products, FedEx and UPS services and more
  • Complimentary Health Insurance Guidencesmart-business-tools
  • Free Legal advise
  • Free Copy of Visual Media Guide

Attract New Clients

  • Complementary Storyboard Lookbook Listing
  • Spread your success stories via the Stoyboard websiteattract-new-clients
  • Free Networking Events
  • Complimentary Storyboard magazine Subscription

Vital Training

Acquire new skills with 15%-20% discounts on:

  • Cross-media Conference Package
  • Hands-on Workshopsvital-training
  • Exclusive Seminars
  • eClasses
Steve Decker CEO, Zooka Creative

Steve Decker
CEO, Zooka Creative

I’ve been a VMA member for seven years and continue to receive significant value from my membership. I strongly recommend it…

Attract New Clients

A VMA membership begins paying for itself the moment you

Storyboard Lookbook Profile
In the cross-media community, Lookbook is the “Little Black Book of People Who Get #$@! Done”. Having your profile in this amazing online resource means anybody who has need of your services can find you instantly, and judge you by your very best work.

• Feature Your Success Stories on Storyboard
Each week, Storyboard takes a behind-the-scenes look at some of the most exciting cross-media projects from members of this dynamic community, including your own. Prospective clients come here frequently to see what you can do – this is your chance to woo them, even as you show off to your peers.

• Regular Social Networking Events
Tear yourself away from the office and rub shoulders with potential clients, business partners and other professionals looking to shake things up a bit.

• Storyboard Magazine Subscription
Four times a year, Storyboard magazine arrives at your door packed with compelling stories about some of the best cross-media campaigns, and educational pieces that help you understand the technology and its implementation. (As a member, you also enjoy discounted magazine ad rates.)


Smart Business Tools

The beauty of belonging to VMA is that you have the equivalent of a large corporation’s knowhow at your fingertips:

• Discounts on Essential Business Products
Your membership rewards you with significant discounts on products from:
• Adobe • Apple • 123RF Stock Photography
• FedEx • UPS  • PaperSpecs • Xerox and more

• Business Services
Take advantage of expert advice regarding:
• Taxes • Health insurance • Human resources • Sales strategy

• Health Insurance Plans
Join VMA’s own exclusive member-only health insurance exchange and enjoy some real peace of mind.

• Discounted Business Services
Enjoy affordable access to vital services including:
• Credit card processing • Collection services
• Payroll and pension solutions • Staffing

Vital Training

To stay competitive in today’s ever-changing marketplace, you need to
constantly improve your skills, which is where VMA comes in with heavy discounts on:


• The latest eClasses
Discover quick and easy, online classes on business development, management, applications, marketing, and more.

• Hands-on Workshops
In-person, classroom-style workshops to get you up to speed with the latest business and industry software applications on Macs and PCs.

• Exclusive Seminars
Presented by industry experts, these sessions include discussions on business development, management, marketing, and more.

• Cross-media Conference
And of course you get a deep discount when attending our yearly, one-day cross-media conference.

Kick-start Your
Creative Business Advantage Now!

Benefit from the clout and support you get by being part of an enormous alliance of media and marketing professionals just like you. We would be proud to count you as a VMA member.